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About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

JoAnn Angulo is a Bolivian Cinematographer and Director. She grew up in Northern Virginia, outside of Washington, D.C. Growing up, she was surrounded by inspiring art in Photography and was drawn to it. JoAnn began with visual storytelling through her photos and enjoyed capturing moments. Although it was a hobby, she began further exploring her visual storytelling through filming, fell in love with watching feature films/television, and felt inspired to create films. JoAnn enrolled in Full Sail University's Digital Cinematography program and developed a comprehensive understanding of filmmaking. 


As JoAnn continues her journey as a filmmaker student at Full Sail University, she embraces every opportunity to learn and grow in her field. She understands that filmmaking is a continuous learning process, and she seeks out new techniques and technologies to enhance her skills. With a strong foundation in Photography, JoAnn brings a unique blend of visual aesthetics and technical expertise to her work, allowing her to create stunning films as she prepares to embark on her professional journey. She is passionate about working as a freelance cinematographer. 


JoAnn has worked on short Narratives films like The Cursed Doll, WFB Alissa? and Stood Up. She worked on a short documentary in 2021 with a couple, A Love Story, and in her latest project, Inti Phaxsi Gem, she collaborated with a small business. She helped to promote their company by creating three commercials. She is thrilled to further collaborate with other artists, directors, and film production companies to create awe-inspiring films and commercials. Connect with JoAnn on this creative journey and bring unique narratives to life, touch hearts, and leave a lasting impression on the viewers. 

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